Our Projects

FIM @ Tufts

Our various projects range in focus—current topics include the evaluation of public perceptions of FIM; estimating the health impacts, costs, and effects on disparities of various programs; partnerships with small- and medium-sized farms to connect health care providers with produce; evaluating the potential benefits of FIM programs to specific patient populations, and more.

Our Projects

Accelerating Food is Medicine

Accelerating the growing attention, enthusiasm, and evidence surrounding FIM interventions in the U.S.

Medically Tailored Meal Interventions

Impact of Medically Tailored Meals on Obesity, Other Health Outcomes, and Healthcare Utilization under Medicaid Flexible Services

The Delta GREENS (Growing a Resilient, Enriching, Equitable, Nourishing food System) Food is Medicine Project


Intervention on Optimizing Nutritional Status, Reducing Treatment-Related Toxicities, and Improving Quality of Life Among Vulnerable Patients with Lung Cancer

Policy R01

Cost-Effectiveness of Health System and State-Level Strategies to Improve Diet and Reduce Cardiometabolic Diseases

Produce Prescriptions on Maternal and Birth Outcomes

A Food is Medicine Intervention Among Pregnant Women

Wholesome Wave

Generating essential new evidence on produce prescriptions



Development and Validation of a Nutrition Security Screener 

A two-question tool with a brief preamble

Produce Prescription – An Innovative ‘Food is Medicine’ Intervention to Improve Health Among People With Type 2 Diabetes

Medically Tailored Meals for Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease: An Australian Trial of a ‘Food is Medicine’ Intervention

The Tufts Food Compass

A novel nutrient profiling system for science-based assessment of the overall healthfulness of foods.

The Nutrition Policy Initiative at Tufts University

Informing, implementing, and promoting federal nutrition policy.

The Global Dietary Database

Standardized global estimates for the intake of 53 foods, beverages, and nutrients.

Descriptions of additional projects are forthcoming